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Nuclear Forensic Participants: What do they have to say?

Nuclear Forensics Graduate Fellowship Program — Posted on 02/05/2011

About the Nuclear Forensics Graduate Fellowship Program… “The Nuclear Forensics Graduate Fellowship has provided me with opportunities throughout graduate school that I otherwise would not have had. The coordinators have offered support including help in securing a connection with LLNL for a summer practicum. Through the Fellowship, I have been able to attend and participate…
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Rickover Fellowship Participants: What do they have to say?

Rickover Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering — Posted on

About the Rickover Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering… “The fellowship program was very influential in my development as a nuclear engineer. It afforded me several opportunities, including: 1) the flexibility to work on a project that not only I was interested in, but was also mutually beneficial to the NR program.2) the opportunity interact with…
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