Evaluation of NNIS Fellowship Program Applications

Applicants are responsible to ensure that their applications are complete. After the application deadline, the SCUREF will distribute the fellowship applications to an independent panel for review. The review panel is composed of university, DOE/NNSA, and national laboratory personnel directly responsible for instruction and/or research in the international safeguards and nuclear nonproliferation fields. The DOE/NNSA program sponsor reviews the applications and the panel’s recommendations and approves the final selection.

Applications are evaluated based on academic performance, relevant coursework, demonstrated commitment to the field of international nuclear safeguards, research relevance, and references. The number of fellowships awarded annually is contingent on the number of Fellows graduating from the program and the availability of funds.

After the DOE/NNSA approves the award recipients, SCUREF notifies applicants of their award status. Notification usually occurs in mid-April. SCUREF is responsible for the daily administration of the NNIS on behalf of the program sponsors, and assists Fellows, universities, and laboratories with questions regarding stipends, payment of tuition and fees, practicum assignments, travel, and related issues.