Nuclear Forensic Participants: What do they have to say?

targetmarketNuclear Forensics Graduate Fellowship Program

About the Nuclear Forensics Graduate Fellowship Program…

“The Nuclear Forensics Graduate Fellowship has provided me with opportunities throughout graduate school that I otherwise would not have had. The coordinators have offered support including help in securing a connection with LLNL for a summer practicum. Through the Fellowship, I have been able to attend and participate in conferences and workshops thus expanding my knowledge and allowing me to share our research findings with others.”
– Mike Foxe

“I had a very positive experience with the fellowship program. It provided me an opportunity to work in a national lab, allowing me to understand the national lab work environment. I significantly expanded my knowledge of nuclear forensics, and hope to work on related projects in the future. It increased the face value of my resume, thereby increasing my job opportunities. The administrative staff were helpful and available. Thanks for this opportunity, I greatly value it.”
-Stephanie Holbrook