Evaluation of Rickover Fellowship Program Applications

When an application is received, the staff at the SCUREF, Charleston Office reviews the application to ensure that the applicant meets the basic criteria and has submitted all required application materials. If time permits, the staff will attempt to contact applicants who have submitted an incomplete application. However, it is the applicant’s responsibility to check with the SCUREF, Charleston Office to ensure that an application is complete.

After an application is reviewed and designated complete, it is submitted, along with all other complete applications, to the Fellowship committee for review. The Fellowship committee is composed of NNL personnel who are directly responsible for analysis and research in nuclear science and engineering areas applicable to the Naval Reactors program. The committee reviews each application and selects finalists, who are then invited for interviews. The Fellowship committee will subsequently select award recipients. Applications are reviewed based on area of research intent, career and goal statements, references, grades, and GRE scores.

The number of awards given each year is dependent on the available funding and the qualifications of the candidates. Some applicants who do not receive awards are selected for “Honorable Mention” status. This status recognizes their achievements and may be used in the listing of academic and career accomplishments.

SCUREF will notify applicants of their award status. Notification usually occurs in April of each year. Once Fellowships are awarded, the SCUREF, Charleston Office handles the administration of the Fellowship for the Naval Reactors Program. Questions about stipends, payment of tuition and fees, practicum assignments, travel, etc. should be referred to the SCUREF, Charleston Office. Shortly after acceptance of the appointment, an advisor from the NNL will contact the Fellowship recipient. This advisor is tasked to aid the recipient in selecting a research topic and will be assigned to the Fellow’s graduate committee.