SCUREF Programs

Nuclear Nonproliferation International Safeguards Fellowship Program (NNIS)

This fellowship provides financial support for exceptional students pursuing technical doctoral research relevant to the field of international safeguards.  Participating universities foster partnerships between science/engineering programs and programs focused on nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards policy.   Armed with both deep technical expertise and policy understanding, NNIS Fellows are primed to take on the exciting and challenging work of international nuclear safeguards.

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Rickover Graduate Fellowship in Nuclear Engineering (RFP)

This program assists in preparing students for roles in naval nuclear propulsion and supports the broader objective of advancing fission energy development through the research efforts of the fellows. The technical areas with greatest interest include reactor physics, nuclear materials science and engineering, radiation shielding technology, thermal hydraulics, and computational fluid dynamics. The principle emphasis is on students seeking Ph.D. degrees in nuclear engineering, or in closely related fields.

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SRNL/SRS Task Order Research

Through a subcontract agreement with the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), the Management and Operating Contractor for the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and the Savannah River Site (SRS), SCUREF oversees a Task Order program for the research universities in South Carolina. The Task Order program has a long history of linking highly talented faculty members and students in projects that benefit the mission goals of SRS, while supporting the research and educational goals of the universities in South Carolina. Recent projects have included: Examination of the Electrical Properties of Micro- and Nano-scale Properties in Weak Electrostatic Felds; Tritium Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis; and Development and Implementation of Introductory Courses in Nuclear Safeguards. Annual funding for the task orders have, at times, reached close to 1M a year.

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Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee

SCUREF provides logistical support to federal advisory committees. These committees, which are authorized under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, are supported by the US Department of Energy. SCUREF provides assistance with meeting locations, transportation, lodging, agenda preparation and dissemination, meeting minutes, and other bookkeeping activities.

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